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Google Apps growing more attractive to major companies

Google Apps growing more attractive to major companies

Par admin - le 22 décembre 2011

Google released the suite of collaboration and communications tools, Google Apps, in 2007 aimed at SMEs. Since then, the Mountain View firm has added features to meet the requirements of major companies and is now seeing an increase in take-up in this market segment. Amit Singh, Vice-President of Google Enterprise, announced that in the next 4 to 6 weeks the division will unveil several contracts covering over 100,000 users.

Amit Singh also confirmed the upcoming release of a version of the social network Google+ designed for companies. The enterprise version is currently undergoing internal testing at the Californian company. According to the VP, the integration of Google+ in Google Apps should boost take-up of the application suite in a market that remains largely dominated by on-premise solutions offered by IBM and especially by Microsoft.

Remember that in April, Google lowered the threshold for free use of the Google Apps suite to ten users. Beyond that, companies pay a subscription fee of $5 (€3.40) per user, per month.

Source: Le Monde Informatique