Diversity and Inclusion

Diversisty is a reality, the inclusion as our commitment.

Convinced that the wealth of the skills, the profiles and the cultural diversities contribute to make of our Group a more attractive, more innovative, more competitive company, closer to his customers, we made a commitment for several years in favour of the promotion of the diversities, the nondiscrimination and the equal treatment.

At Sofrecom, the politics of diversity and inclusion translated the will of the company to attract and to develop the talents stemming from any environment, from any origin, in the experiences and the multiple points of view.

This politics was entitled "the diversity a reality, an inclusion a will" is translated in our actions :

  • Our recruitment process is centered on the skills and guarantees the equality of opportunity whatever is its kind, its handicap, its religion, its origins or its age,
  • We watch the wage equity between collaborators and collaborators regarding remuneration for recruitment and for training,
  • We make sure that everybody respect the balance over life professional personnelle/life by facilitating occasional or regular teleworking, by respecting the right to the disconnection,
  • We watch that suppliers and customers share these values and are respectful of the social and ethical code.

So that the diversity is the affair of all,

- We train our managers and employees in a better knowledge of the cultures and our values,

- An independent committee established of employees and managers watches the good application of our politics and the dialogue between the various actors,

- We made a commitment with several associations which act for the integration and the equality of opportunity.

So, our Policy is just like Sofrecom: voluntarist and committed, in a continuous improvement approach.

Sofrecom's Diversity Policy

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Diversity in action – in France

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Diversity in action – international

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