Our board

Sofrecom's Board determines Sofrecom's strategic orientations.

It appoints the executive director(s) responsible for implementing them, closes the accounts, convenes the General Meeting and proposes the annual dividend. It decides on the major issues relating to the smooth running and future of Sofrecom in order to promote the creation of sustainable value for its clients and all its stakeholders.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is vested with the broadest powers to act on behalf of the company. He exercises his powers within the limits of the corporate purpose and subject to those powers expressly assigned to the Board of Directors by law and by the Board's internal rules. He is supported in this task by the Managing Director of Sofrecom.

Sofrecom's board chairman is Michaël Trabbia, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Orange group.

Our Management team

Country managers


Stéphane Richard

Chairman and CEO of Orange Group

For 50 years, Sofrecom has been an irreplaceable player in the international promotion of Orange. It plays a path-finder role for the Group. For Orange, it is also a formidable skills laboratory in terms of new professions and technologies. Finally, thanks to its specificity in its consulting and engineering activities, Sofrecom complements our activities as an operator, promoting Orange's values, identity and experience around the world. It is a subsidiary which plays a key role in the Group's projects and cultures and I am convinced that Orange would not be Orange without Sofrecom. I want to express my deep gratitude to its teams for the quality of customer experience that it provides and the added value of their services.

Michaël Trabbia

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Orange Group, Sofrecom's Chairman

Sofrecom’s strength lies in its broad expertise, of course, but also in its commitment to certain values. Everywhere it operates; it has taken positive action to set the highest ethical standards, to promote professional diversity, nondiscrimination and equality. With 2200 employees of 30 different nationalities, Sofrecom clearly upholds cultural diversity.

Guillaume Boudin

Sofrecom Group CEO

Sofrecom has developed strong expertises in response to the needs of telecommunications operators and governments and it now boasts outstanding know-how in Very High Broadband, Mobile Financial Services, E-Government, Digital Strategy, IoT and many other fields. Its integrated expertise applied from strategy definition to business, networks and IT implementation helps telecoms players successfully make the digital transformation that will drive their growth. Around the world, Sofrecom supports regulators, governments and operators, in particular Orange Group for whom it plays an absolutely vital role in our development in Africa and the Middle East. 97% of our customers recognize the added value of our solutions.