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Cisco unveils OnPlus service to help resellers target SMEs

Cisco unveils OnPlus service to help resellers target SMEs

Par admin - le 21 décembre 2011

This new cloud-based service is set to offer Cisco partners a simple and affordable way of providing network assessment, management and advisory services to small and mid-size enterprise (SME) customers.

Using an OnPlus Network Agent connected to a switch or router on their customer's network, the reseller can then transmit information about the customer's network and any connected device with an IP address to a highly secure data centre. OnPlus also enables remote connectivity to manageable network devices to facilitate troubleshooting and configuration.

This network-centric service complements existing managed services tools such as Remote Monitoring and Management and Professional Services Automation. OnPlus costs $250 (€192) for a three-year subscription, plus $5 (€3.84) per month for each managed network.

The launch of OnPlus is part of Cisco’s “Partner Led” programme, which aims to support Cisco partners' ability to drive sales up and in which the device manufacturer is planning to invest some $75m (€57.6m) in 2012.

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