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Telecoms globalization and accelerating changes in ICT usages and technologies are attracting new players and making competition ever more intense.

Experts in telecommunications and emerging economies, we help telcos and governments to define and to implement their digital strategy.

Our teams analyze, anticipate and assimilate key industry trends to support our clients in the management, creation, and development of their projects.

Telecommunications Operators

Telcos are looking for opportunities to transform their business activities. They must maintain a base revenue, while developing new growth drivers (Mobile Financial Services, IoT, ....) in new market segments, such as B2B, wholesale.

We help you to:

  • better understand your markets and your customers needs,
  • identify the relevant growth drivers for your business,
  • generate new revenue streams and increase customer loyalty, multi-screen content to promote a seamless experience, etc.
  • define and deploy your digital strategy
  • adapt your organisation, network and/or IT infrastructures to suit your customers' needs,
  • create mobile applications to encourage use and to connect everyday objects.


Better understandyour markets and your customers needs

We support you in the undertaking of key aspects such as:

  • defining their strategic plan,
  • developing their business plan, 
  • defining their development plan for new markets.

We help them to position their products or services, their offering and their business model and to create their marketing plans.

Overall overhaul of offerings or launch of new services

Increased competition means regular changes to an operator’s catalogue of products and services.  We analyse their market in several stages:

  • Identification of competitors’ positioning and key market trends
  • Performance analysis of the current product and service catalogue
  • Performance of comparative studies of the offering available on the market
Customer experience and digital transformation

We help you to use digital strategies to improve your customers’ experience, to provide innovative services and to take advantage of the various communication channels that best suit your needs and retain your business.

Our approach is global and covers:

  • digital market maturity assessment
  • increasing web traffic to their website and generating leads
  • developing multi-channel customer journeys with Design Thinking methodology
  • defining and manage the customer experience digitalization 
  • conceptualising and developing mobile customer support applications (online sales portals, e-shop...)
Business transformation, change management and skills development

Our scope of intervention is based on co-construction and involves an organisational diagnosis and an analysis of processes and information systems, in order to:

  • improve the efficiency of B2B or B2C services
  • identify the transformations needed to achieve both growth and performance improvement objectives
  • conceptualise and set up a corporate university
  • or assimilate new entities following mergers/acquisitions.
Network transformation and deployment plan

Optimising the network requires management of its life cycle by qualified professionals. We help you to develop your network transformation strategy according to your business aims:

  • designing and engineering
  • planning the deployment
  • analysing profitability and optimising costs (estimating capital expenditure, operational and profitability costs, etc.)
  • establishing program governance framework and carrying out quality of service testing. 
IT transformation and master plan

We help you to align your IT roadmap with your strategy, to improve your performance and scalability and to control you costs.

We help you to implement the main IT and telecoms standards (TM Forum, TOGAF, ITiL, Cobit) and to create a master plan comprising:

  • an inventory, development scenarios
  • a 3-5 year transformation plan
  • and an analysis of the market's IT solutions that are capable of responding to their business and technological challenges.

In addition to recommendations, our consultants and IT system project managers are on hand to manage the deployment of the new IS.


Governments and public institutions

Our government clients seek to develop and improve digital uses and services (connectivity, digital identities, online approaches), as well as the policy of openness and data flow. They want to modernise their networks and their information system in order to develop transparency, the use of digital in the various governement services while maximising costs.


Our consultants accompany you every step of your digital development project strategy: from digital infrastructure to the implementation of e-government strategy and service development. We adapt our approach to your local issues.

Our scope of action covers the following areas:

  • Support in the elaboration of Superfast Broadband national plan
  • Design, conception ans supervision of Very High Broadband infrastructure
  • Definition and implementation of e-government strategies
  • Management and implementation of a service quality measurement campaign
  • Information System Modernization


Development of a Very High Broadband strategy

Our Very High broadband consultants support you at all stages of deployment of your SFB projects, including strategy, economics, technical and financial:

  • Inventory of available networks and services
  • Definition of digital development strategies
  • Development of technical, economic, financial and contractual scenarios for territory coverage
Assistance with project management

We mobilise our multiple skills for you to optimise your partnerships with telecoms operators and companies in the telecoms industry by providing you with recognised expertise in the telecoms market:

  • Providing support for the launch of your Superfast Broadband projects
  • Preparing consultation documents
  • Analysing offerings, coordinating negotiations, advising on the selection of candidates, drawing up contracts
  • Preparing financing application forms
Monitoring and following-up on projects
  • Compliance checks on the contractual obligations of private partners 
  • Proposals for areas for improvement in contract execution
  • Renegotiation of contracts
  • Development of a technical training programme and a skills transfer programme for monitoring and following-up on the deployment of Superfast Broadband projects.
Due diligence, auditing and benchmarking assignments
  • Analysis of the technical, economic and commercial risks of public/private partnerships related to digital development
  • Creation of models and business planning
  • Economic and commercial benchmarking of Very High Broadband projects
Definition of an e-government strategy and identification of the e-services to be developed

We mobilise our skills to enable our clients to understand the challenges of digital transformation and to determine the most suitable actions to take, factoring in the specific needs of their countries: 

  • Defining the digital vision and goals
  • Determining the priority axes and guidelines to support the development of digital services and uses
  • Coordinating the actions of the various digital players
  • Ensuring consistency with the deployment of digital infrastructure
Development of a master plan

We help our clients to :

  • Structure their Information System in order to align it with their strategy, improve their performance and scalability and control their costs.
  • Implement the main IT and telecoms standards (TM Forum, TOGAF, ITiL, Cobit) and to create a master plan comprising:

         -  An inventory, development scenarios
         -  A 3-5 year transformation plan
         -  And an analysis of the market's IT solutions that are capable of responding to their business and technological challenges.

Support throughout the different stages of an e-government project

Our consultants support public stakeholders at all stages of government digital transformation projects— from the master plan to the development of digital services—in order to improve the service provided to citizens.

In addition to recommendations, our consultants and IT system project managers are on hand to manage the deployment of the new IS:

  • Define project expectations
  • Coordinate the implementation
  • Mobilise the various stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Support the transformation of public organisations to adapt resources to the challenges of development and spatial planning
  • Ensure that value is added to the project and evaluate the project