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PT.Telkom Indonesia - Girafe customer care relationship management

PT.Telkom Indonesia - Girafe customer care relationship management

By admin - May 07, 2009

Support and assistance services for the operation of the SISKA system

Operation of the sales, technical and financial modules of Girafe, the Sofrecom’s customer relationship management system on the Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan (Bornéo) islands.

Use of the Sofrecom’s OSS offer, designed with network management , fault management, customer and billing management modules of the system, GIRAFE.

The SISKA system enables direct telephone invoice payment, using cash machines located in different Indonesian banks. Its allows to a customer with a credit card to check his unpaid invoices, to register a payment in real time and edit a notice of receipt.

Maintenance and operation assistance for the SISKA system since 1998.

In the INFUSION 2009 programme framework, Tekkom plans to upgrade the SYSKA system with the latest Sofrecom solution: Gaïa v6.

These achievements, attest a long term partnership with Sofrecom and its commitment to enhance financial and operational results of its clients.