Customer Experience Management consultant


Consultants in customer experience management help our customers take better account of their target audience in respect of all their projects - product marketing, product launch, cross-functional project management, performance management...
They co-ordinate the transformation of customer relationship channels (customer service, shop, etc.).
Their mission is also to take part in the development of our internal expertise and methodologies and market monitoring.

Expertise and skills

They are experts in customer-centered design and project management methods. Their expertise includes the measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction and experience indicators.
They are competent in the analysis and improvement of processes, taking into consideration their multi-channel dimension.
They are capable of bringing together the different business lines involved in the implementation of the customer experience.


Customer experience management consultants must have a wide range of experience:
- Design and launch of product or service offers using customer-centered methods such as design thinking (market analysis, product positioning definition, distribution and communication strategy, etc.)
- Monitoring and analysis of performance and satisfaction / recommendations
- Design and improvement of multi-channel customer processes

Having worked on projects on the different customer relationship channels of an operator is an advantage, as is having experienced working in agile mode.