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From wireless to wireline: how Orange Morocco is organizing fiber deployment

From wireless to wireline: how Orange Morocco is organizing fiber deployment

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To compensate falling mobile revenues and to accompany Morocco’s digital transformation, Orange Morocco made a decision to attack the landline market by leveraging optical fiber. The operator’s FTTH rollout is backed by a targeted, differentiated and personalized marketing strategy.

Part of Orange Group since 2010, Méditel was renamed Orange Morocco on 8th December 2016. The country’s second biggest mobile provider, Orange Morocco launching a 4G offer to overtake its two competitors, the incumbent telco Maroc Telecom and the third license holder Inwi. However, growth has slowed over the last two years due to a sharp drop in mobile tariffs (-15% in 2016 according to the ANRT) reflecting a high equipment rate and exacerbated competition.

Orange Morocco therefore decided to seek renewed growth on the landline segment. Coincidentally, at this time the Kingdom wanted to speed its digital transformation which will inevitably lead to a massive increase in data traffic. To transport this future traffic and guarantee the high-quality fast broadband service expected by end-users, the operator decided to roll out FTTH as an alternative to ADSL, adopting a very refined approach to its target users.

Lobbying of property developers

The dynamic Moroccan property market that sees 200,000 new homes build every year presented a first development opportunity. The challenge was to consolidate our credibility as a fixed-line operator with property developers who have traditionally chosen Maroc Telecom’s copper-based services.
To do this, we developed a sales approach that draws attention to the value of our additional services delivered over superfast optical fiber to users - at no extra cost! And our ability to meet consumers’ expectations and future needs. We follow up with lobbying actions and made partnerships with professional organizations including the Engineering Design Federation and the Property Developers Federation. On three occasions we organized "Optical Fiber and Smart Buildings" symposia at which we presented the latest technological progress, evolutions in the regulatory framework, and experience on real projects. We have published Orange’s guidelines for optical fiber installation in buildings. All these efforts have proved worthwhile, notably with companies positioned on prestigious developments. For example, Bouygues Immobilier Maroc and Palmeraie now systematically install Orange fiber in preference to copper.

A geomarketing approach to existing housing

In order to prioritize our deployments in existing buildings, we segment the zones and identify our targets by analyzing socio-economic data: population density, socio-professional categories, condition of the landline network, and so on. This segmentation is done mainly in the biggest towns and in their less dense affluent suburbs where we perceive potential appetency for our offer.

Differentiated and personalized prospecting

Once our segments are defined, a sales team prospects door to door, explaining to people the unique experience that Orange fiber can bring. Our prospecting plan makes a distinction between new-users and subscribers of our rival operators; our salespeople adapt their sales pitch to the profile and needs of each contact. For our existing customers we have created a specific fast-broadband customer path.

Already thousands of fiber users

The product marketing strategy is naturally most successful when we promote our offers guaranteeing satisfactory quality of service at the same time as the technical FTTH rollout. At the moment we are deploying FTTH in Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Marrakech and we will add eight other towns by next year with offers that should appeal to the more affluent socio-professional groups, to families with children wanting big bandwidth, and to small and mid-size businesses.

Our intentions are to increase our investments, target new towns and regions, and develop content offers to build the loyalty of our installed base and introduce services to meet business needs. FTTH is a high-value market that will give Orange a new growth lever. We will boost our image by delivering an incomparable user experience and achieve our ambition of becoming the country’s preferred operator.