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broadband and multiplay: a new era for fixed line

broadband and multiplay: a new era for fixed line

By Thomas rivoire - February 09, 2010

In almost all developed countries, the development of mobile telephony

resulted in the decrease in landline subscriptions. Yet, the fixed network

remains an essential resource for operators, in particular through the

development of multiplay offers. In this context, the «ZNE» offer (Zones

non éligibles, a triple play offer for areas non eligible to TV via ADSL) that Orange developed and launched, with the help of Sofrecom, is a strong strategic asset. It can be regarded as such to the extent that it enables the operator to increase the broadband market share, enlarge

the client basis, and gain negotiation leverage towards right owners. This is the reflection conducted in this issue, which was co-written with

HEC Paris School of Management.>] [see the video