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Samir Benzahra

Samir Benzahra

CEO Sofrecom Tunisia & Algeria

About Sofrecom Tunisia

Inaugurated in October 2012, Sofrecom Tunisia is Sofrecom Group's fourth and most recent regional implantation in North Africa and the Middle East (after Algeria, Morocco and United Arab Emirates).

It is a reputed nearshore center in the Tunisian market contributing its expertise to Tunisia's digitization projects such as e-government, e-education, e-health and e-banking.
Its activity revolves around service platforms (notably IP TV) and IT development, particularly for Orange Group companies. Sofrecom Tunisia leverages synergies and scale economies for software solutions integration and Third-Party Maintenance Application (TMA). It also proposes its services to all companies eager to optimize their maintenance and IS integration costs.


Sofrecom Tunisia

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Rue du Lac Constance
Les Berges du Lac

Standard Tunisia

+216 31 302 749 +216 71 963 284

Mohamed Adnene Berriche | Human Resources Director

+216 31 302 843

Amine Trigui | Business Development Manager

+216 31300663

About Samir Benzahra

Samir Benzahra  is appointed as CEO of Sofrecom Tunisia as of November 1st 2018. He is CEO of Sofrecom Algeria since October 2020.

Since 2009, Samir has been Director of Orange, where he manages the governance and performance of the Group's operations on the MENA area.

Samir was actively involved in the acquisition of a new license and the launch of a new operator. Thanks to his negotiator and diplomat know-how, he has also managed many acquisition, integration or transfer files.

Previously, he held a number of positions in Asia, Africa and Europe at a technologist, including Commercial Director and Business Development Director, and developed a strong international culture of results, autonomy and adaptability and work with several languages.

Samir has shown his taste and curiosity for the business world. It has launched and developed privately several business outside the telecoms with the key to exceptional success.

He is a particularly entrepreneur and gifted man to build relationships, mobilize teams, and take challenges in complex multicultural environments. Samir exercises social mandates for the Orange Group as a member of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee and other governance committees of the Orange subsidiaries internationally.