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Dominique Poulhazan

Head of Services Centers and Internal IT Division

Dominique Poulhazan  is named head of te Service Center and IT Division of Sofrecom Group as from the 1st of March 2018.

For the last 7 years, Dominique Poulhazan headed Sofrecom's IT Business Unit which provides IT consulting services in addition to software publishing, integration, support and maintenance.

Before joining Sofrecom, Dominique ran the Orange billing center of excellence and notably the BSCS skill center in charge of 10 African, Mid-Eastern and European subsidiaries. After a period as Operations Manager in charge of development and deployment of "Data and Content Billing" in Orange subsidiaries, he managed Orange France's ADV Itinéris project for 5 years and acquired solid experience in information systems.

He started his career at Lyonnaise des Eaux as the head of a subscriber management project in Kaduna (Nigeria) on behalf of the World Bank.