Customer case

Validation and implementation of innovative Nokia 4G functionalities

Thu 22 Nov 2018


Alongside its mobile access network modernization project and the reflections on the future deployment of 5G, Orange France wished to be the first to test new 4G functionalities (256QAM Downlink, 64QAM Uplink, 4*4 MIMO, aggregation of 2/3/4 frequency bands, etc.) that aimed at considerably enhancing speed thus customer experience.
Orange entrusted Sofrecom’s Nokia RAN validation team with the first and essential step of these tests: the lab validation.


Our consultants worked closely with Nokia to perform the lab tests and validation of the radio configurations and functionalities necessary to meet Orange France’s objectives.
Our experts piloted the project under a tight timeline and efficiently managed unexpected problems to deliver the project on time.


These functionalities had never previously been tested by Orange; Sofrecom’s specific radio expertise was therefore instrumental to the success of the project. After the lab tests, these functionalities have been deployed onto a cluster of 13 radio sites in a city of 80 000 in France.
This project proved the performance gains delivered by the new functionalities and enabled Orange to communicate on its technological innovation capacity. The maximum throughput obtained is 2 to 3 times higher than current ones.