Customer case

Technical support and an audit of the human resources and sales departments

Tue 22 Sep 2015


An international telecom operator’s subsidiary sought to improve the handling of one of its key offers in mobile payment, by on the one hand performing an audit of its sales organisation and network, and on the other improving the offer’s annual report.


Sofrecom worked at creating an automated annual report based on Excel macros. Then our teams performed a detailed study of the organisation by analysing each employee’s duties so as to provide an action plan to improve organisation and productivity. Lastly, they performed a detailed analysis of the distribution network, leading to recommendations for increasing sales.


Thanks to the automated report, the Project Manager is now in a position to perfectly handle day-to-day business. The organisation of human resources and productivity per employee has substantially improved. The operator is now on the brink of conquering a dominant position in the mobile payment market.