Customer case

Steering the marketing strategy for eSIM


eSIM has become an issue of major importance for operators. To keep pace with the growing number of connected devices equipped with eSim technology and the arrival of the first compatible phones, a major European player's Consumer Marketing Department called on Sofrecom to drive operations and design new customer journeys as part of the product's go-to-market.

The project’s objectives included:

  • managing the operational marketing campaigns on all eSIM Consumer projects
  • studying the long-term impacts of broadly rolling out this technology to the market.


Identification of the impacts of eSIM and recommendations
When it was announced that Apple would be launching eSIM on iPhone, our consultant in Strategic Marketing set out to analyze the impacts of this new technology for operators. The analysis was divided into different components:

  • Assessing the impacts on roaming and the sale of terminals, particularly in terms of loss of revenue
  • Projecting the penetration of eSIM smartphones in the operator's fleet
  • Selecting the user journeys to be developed as a priority, taking into account the existing limitations of the information system
  • Studying consumer behavior and usages in the face of this technology

Creation of the 1st eSIM smartphone customer journey
Our expert then steered the launch of the 1st eSIM pathway for smartphones, using the Design Thinking approach to deliver an experience that matched the consumers’ needs in every way. To achieve this, workshops involving all the technical and business stakeholders were held, and resulted in the creation of numerous prototypes subsequently tested with potential customers.

Project management & launch of new eSIM connected devices

The consultant then managed the post-launch phase of the eSIM option for the Apple Watch Series 3 including sales monitoring, fleet management and the evolution of promotional offers .

He also oversaw the creation of user journeys and the marketing of the Samsung Galaxy Watch & Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatches.

Lastly, from a broader perspective, he was the main entry point for discussions on new partnerships with manufacturers.


With regard to connected objects, the operator was able to successfully market this eSIM option as soon as the Apple Watch 4 was released, thus outstripping its competitors in this technology. The new customer journeys have made it possible to build a smooth relationship and thus improve the users’ experience as well as the security of their data.