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Strategy & Marketing

Anticipate disruptions and invest in the right growth drivers while maintaining profitability.

In an uncertain economic environment where major changes are impacting the world of telecommunications, analysing trends, understanding innovations and anticipating customer expectations are essential to making your strategic decisions and increasing your revenue.

We analyze trends and their impact on the telecom sector and its environment to anticipate changes, to define your B2B, B2C or Wholesale strategy, and to translate it into operational plans.

Research & Studies

Make decisions and build a global, sustainable and effective positioning:

  • Acquire a 360° vision of market evolutions
  • Analyze, measure and understand market evolutions
  • Evaluate market potential, identify business opportunities
  • Build and set up customers's intelligence tools.

Strategy, Growth opportunities & Due diligence

Our teams assess the market potential on specific growth drivers (mobile financial services, B2B activities, wholesale, or launch of an MVNO, etc.), identify business opportunities and translate them into areas for development:

  • Defining and implementing a strategic plan
  • Identifying growth drivers and new services
  • Supporting mergers/acquisitions – due diligence
  • Supporting the sourcing of external financing.

Strategic Marketing

We help you to align your marketing strategy with your business objectives:

  • Analyze and size a market
  • Benchmark your competitors
  • Analyze the regulatory framework
  • Define the best positioning and elaborate the business plan

Customer & Distribution

Leverage industry innovations in order to continuously improve your products, to create a differentiated value proposition and to optimise your sales operations:

  • Define and manage a products and services roadmap
  • Define and implement distribution model (distribution channels, partnerships)
  • Define and measure performance (KPIs)

Digital acceleration and analytics

Generate opportunities for positive interactions with your customers :

  • Digital strategy & digital transformation (operators, governments)
  • Digital Marketing & Communication : web traffic, SEO, social listening program, ...
  • Design, Improve and implement a digital customer journey with Design Thinking and Agile Methodology
  • Digital services : Digital identity, Mobiles Money, e-agri, ...

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We help you anticipate the impact of technological changes and manage the resulting transformations to maximize their impacts and generate value for your organization

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