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Sofrecom’s activities in favor of digital inclusion are once again honored

Fri 10 Dec 2021

We are proud to actively participate in building an inclusive and beneficial digital environment for all. This award honors the expertise and the involvement of Sofrecom's experts alongside our governmental customers in order to set up national digital strategies for economic and social development.

Sofrecom receives the trophy for the best CSR initiative. This trophy, awarded on December 8 by the Telecom Review Summit in Dubai, rewards Sofrecom’s commitment to inclusion and its actions for a responsible and beneficial digital environment for all.

Indeed, for several years, Sofrecom has been accompanying African governments in the elaboration of national digital strategies, sources of social and economic development.
For this new edition of the Telecom Review, the study projects carried out by the e-government consultants in CAR, Congo and Niger to develop digital identity systems are highlighted, and illustrated by the last mission carried out in Central African Republic.

The context and expected benefits

The digital transformation of governments is a major challenge for countries and its success is based on several pillars, in particular on digital identity, which allows each person to be authenticated in a simple and secure way.

Indeed, the absence of identity documents limits the effective exercise of citizens’ rights and freedoms, increasing the vulnerability and social exclusion of populations. And on the side of governments, the absence of a digital identity system, hinders the effective planning of public resources, and the implementation of policies and programs of social welfare.

Today, digital identity offers a unique opportunity for developing countries to accelerate the pace of progress. It contributes to the growth of a country’s digital economy, and promotes the inclusion of disadvantaged populations.
Combined with cell phones and the Internet, digital identity enables the creation of new online products and services, and increases the efficiency of governments and businesses.
It is also through digital identity that fraud, identity theft, and financial transactions can be tracked and secured, while being more reliable.

The project presentation

It is in this context that the government of the Central African Republic has mandated Sofrecom to carry out a technical, economic and legal feasibility study for the implementation of a National Digital Identity System, an essential lever for the implementation of the "Central African Republic Digital 2025" Plan.
For the Central African government, digital identity is the main lever for the administrative, financial, educational, medical and social inclusion of the Central African population.
Through this study, Sofrecom places digital technology at the service of national economic and social development policies.


Claire Khoury

Chief Marketing, Communication & CSR Officer