Customer case

Revamping the product strategy for the B2B sector

Mon 30 Jan 2023

Following the merger of its fixed and mobile activities, a telecommunications operator in Oceania embarked on a global transformation process to respond to changes in its market, to the evolution of technologies and the need to improve its operational performance while differentiating itself from its competitors.  

Due to a long-standing partnership with Orange, led and supported by Sofrecom teams, the operator benefits from the group's experience and know-how to help it in its various projects.   

An initial audit and consulting mission carried out in 2021 on the B2B segment enabled the operator to clearly identify its challenges. Having acquired this knowledge of the operator's challenges and its context on the B2B market, an operational action plan was proposed to the client to strengthen its presence and better structure its offers for Business customers. This plan covered 4 areas of action: around four main themes: BtoB, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.  

Among the most structuring solutions identified, two priorities stand out: revamping the BtoB offer in order to manage the arrival of competitors on this market and assisting in the launch of an IP telephony offer to better anticipate the end of the copper. These priorities have been defined by our B2B experts in a time-to-market plan co-constructed with the operator's teams: update of costs, structure of the BtoB offer, new pricing of the IP telephony offer.  

A Complete and Successful Revamping of the Operator's BtoB Offer

The proposed action plan is the result of several workshops led by Sofrecom's B2B experts along with the operator's marketing teams. It has subsequently been completed by work on the financial aspects of the offer:

  • An updated price list,
  • New costs recovery to be implemented
  • Repositioning of the offer in close collaboration with the sales team
  • A business plan with an estimate of the loss of turnover and additional revenues, in particular, due to the launch of complementary options.

Upon completion of this work, the benefits for the client were multiple, involving:

  • More competitive pricing not only to build customer loyalty, but also to grow it with more affordable prices for smaller customers, while being more resistant to competition
  • An additional price grid to address a new geographical area with high potential 
  • A BtoB offer proposing 2 IP telephony solutions, in order to be able to manage the migration of the entire ISDN customer base within the next 2 to 3 years, before stocks run out and customers are left on the market for lack of supply.

In addition, and in order to establish these benefits in the long term and reinforce the customer approach, our consultants have designed and carried out training courses for dedicated BtoB sales representatives and have equipped them with sales aids.

Encouraging Prospects for the Upcoming Years

The operator now has an internally shared vision of its offering strategy in the B2B sector and a defined roadmap necessary for its growth in the years to come. The support provided by experienced experts in the B2B sector, based on the Time to Market process for launching offers, has been an asset in structuring and implementing a proactive customer approach to anticipate the needs of its targets in the face of the emergence of ever more intense competition.

The efforts made to create a synergy between the marketing and technical teams have enabled us to create a project dynamic on the BtoB market that we hope will last over the long term.