Customer case

Redesigning access controls for IT applications

Mon 15 Feb 2021


The access control ecosystem of the Orange Group and its subsidiaries is changing. It is in the process of renewal in relation to obsolescence and new access control needs (API, affiliation automation).

The objective of this project is to refound and unify the access controls of Orange to meet the security requirements and the obsolescence of the current solutions GASSI (2002) and GUARDIAN (2009).

This project is strategic because it aims to protect the group’s assets: 1,700 applications in the IS (France, Group and OBS) for 200,000 users.

Orange called on our experts to strengthen the steering cell to:

Increase security of access to applications due to the obsolescence of current solutions

Respond to new access control needs (API, affiliation automation)


In order to steer the transformation of the IS, our experts adopted the following methodology:

  • Audit of the existing (organization, business processes, tools and to identify new customer needs)
  • Alignment with the different visions of the project
  • Transversal project management and implementation of monitoring tools in agile mode
  • Management and identification of risks and implementation of corrective actions
  • Budget monitoring
  • Monitoring of action plans
  • Organization, coordination of internal and external actors
  • Steering of external suppliers

The added value of our experts and their expertise in:

  • the restructuring of the program (FDR definition, Prioritization of issues, budget definition, File Investment Committee France)
  • the implementation of the development process AGILE: Kantree tool
  • have enabled the success of this project.


The different actors are now aligned on a shared vision.

Steering the Orange Group’s IS transformation has made it possible to:

  • Redefine and prioritize project issues
  • Establish a new roadmap for the transformation of the IS with extension into multi-project/multi-supplier
  • Have a budget defined and validated by the France Investment Committee
  • Setting up AGILE development processes
  • Reduce the risk of obsolescence