Customer case

Overhauling online shops

Tue 22 Sep 2015


In keeping with his digital transformation strategy, our customer wanted to overhaul his online shops and to optimise the customer journey. His main objectives were to optimise the sales performance, increase business responsiveness, optimise user experience and embrace a multiple-channel strategy.


Sofrecom drove this project by applying the TTM methodology used in managing complex projects. The senior consultants and experts team collected all trade-related requirements, wrote the functional specifications and monitored the rollout of the new shops.


This overhaul of online shops was an opportunity to launch new functionalities in convergent offers (such as fibre eligibility), in mobile payment (such as payment plans) or in low-cost offers (such as dematerialisation). In addition, some functionalities were created to be shared with other channels. The project made a significant contribution in optimising customer experience and increasing the conversion rate.