Customer case

Mobile Money Strategy

Fri 11 Dec 2020


Our client, an operator, called upon Sofrecom to bring its expertise in Mobile Money and help it in the design of a market entry strategy.

This project had 3 main objectives:

  • To help our client shape its ambitions in mobile money.
  • Detail the mobile money business plan, including product portfolio, product roadmap, target segments, tariff and commission structure, action plans and organisation.
  • Support the evaluation of the pre-qualification of banking and distribution partners.


We were able to use our expertise in Strategy and Marketing with 4 steps:

  • We conducted interviews in relation to our client, including the Financial Project Team and other relevant departments. Several meetings were also held with potential banking partners and distributors.
  • We conducted a literature search on international practices, existing competitors and an analysis of survey/interview results.
  • A phase of analysis of opportunities and limitations.
  • And finally, developing scenarios and reviews with our client to ensure that the plan can be used and practiced.


Our client has achieved several results through this project:

  • Identification of the Mobile Money business strategy for our client operator.
  • Recommendations to prepare for this new activity.
  • Delivery of detailed information in order to develop a financial model for internal validation.
  • The construction of a convincing case for acquiring a licence for mobile financial services from the Central Bank.