Customer case

Marketing study on mobile broadband market

Fri 17 Sep 2021

In a context of strong competition on the mobile broadband market, an international operator called upon Sofrecom to build a tool to monitor key 4G/5G indicators worldwide such as:

  • Management of mobile broadband subscriptions (subscriptions, coverage by technology etc...)
  • Monitoring of mobile data price matrix

The objective: Having the necessary data to manage and adapt its network and marketing strategy in all its subsidiaries.


Our marketing intelligence experts have mapped the main indicators needed and they have classified them into 6 main categories: key figures, networks, offers (data pricing, innovative offers, 4G usage, etc.), terminals, regulatory monitoring and country tables (coverage and operator customer base).

They structured and organized a daily watch of the mobile broadband market by country. This monitoring procedure has allowed to analyze the different strategies of telecom operators on the international market and to draw the main lessons learned.

In order to capitalize on the outcome from a marketing perspective, the results of the monitoring were referenced on a dedicated site accessible via an access portal.

Finally, an editorial committee was proposed and organized to draw the main lessons from the highlights of the past period and to define future analyses.


Thus, this complete monitoring system has encompassed:

  • A synthetic analysis of markets and operators ahead of the mobile broadband (customer base, penetration by mobile technology, offers, etc.)
  • A dedicated monitoring portal that allows marketing teams and market managers to have almost real-time access to the articles collected.
  • A proactive communication tool for marketing managers, market managers and networks