Customer case

Marketing study of an augmented sound application

Fri 17 Sep 2021

An international operator develops accessible solutions for people with disabilities.

The operator wanted to integrate an augmented sound service into its offerings, based on a technology developed by one of the start-up partners of its open innovation program. This innovative technology is positioned as an Over-The-Top service to 5G that uses 5G key features such as low latency and quality of service (slicing). The goal is to make this service available to an unlimited number of users at an event simply through their smartphone.


Our client's challenges are multiple:

  • Capitalize on the contributions of 5G technology with a new service and an accessible augmented sound application
  • Prove the solution’s value for future commercialization and engage business departments in these evolutions
  • Develop new partnerships to enrich the solution (content, complementary offers, etc.)
  • And thus create new business opportunities.

The mission of Sofrecom and the strategic marketing consultants covered the following elements:

  • The execution of a study of event markets (sports, concerts, cinema) and music streaming market.
  • The management of the application (creation of a brand, adaptation of the application's design) and the accessibility of the application
  • The elaboration of a contract between the startup and our client to define the partnership that will unite the two entities for the next 3 years
  • The creation of a prototype (scripting, use cases, content) to convince the different business units of the solution’s value.


For this purpose, our consultants have accompanied our client in:

1/ Market and potential development study

  • Analysis of the offers and services of the start-up's competitors based on several data sources.
  • Identification of the most promising markets
  • Offering recommendations on strategic choices
  • Definition of business cases and differentiation elements
  • Prioritization of the application's development

2/ Partnership

  • Drafting of the terms and conditions of the contract between the start-up and our client, which allowed to clarify the role of each party and predict the next evolutions.
  • Scripting of the prototype and collection of the content necessary for the next evolutions.

3/ Brand

  • Creation of a new brand with our client's brand teams
  • Creation of the application's design

4/ Accessibility

  • Test and follow-up of compliance audits (design and accessibility)


Our support enabled our client to:

  • Define the most promising markets in order to prioritize the next developments of the application and inform the strategic choices,
  • Obtain a complete analysis of the competition,
  • Have a better understanding of the markets and allow the teams to work on new positioning towards music streaming,
  • Set up the contract with the start-up, clarify the role of each and predict the next evolutions,
  • Obtain an accessible and respectable application