Customer case

Jobs and skills strategy for the wholesale market

Mon 12 Jul 2021

Faced with the emergence and adoption of intelligent technologies and a high turnover of talent, the Wholesale department of an international operator wanted to develop a jobs and skills strategy for 2023/2025. Its objective: to adapt the company's skills to the changes in the sector.

The aim is to identify the skills required to implement the operator's strategy and to anticipate the need for skills development. It is about preparing the future by making the most judicious choices for a better use of skills.

Our change management experts have intervened to:

  • Build a strategy for the acquisition and development of skills related to the operator's strategic businesses,

  • Draw up the action plans necessary for its implementation
  • Create a cross-functional HR community to address these challenges within the division and strengthen the links between its various entities

For our client, this means anticipating workforce trends and supporting the renewal of teams in the affected businesses.


For this purpose, consultants have conducted an audit of the existing strategy:

  • Analysis of our client's strategy, monitoring and benchmarking of the sector, interviews with managers, program directors, HR and technical experts.
  • Identification of the evolution factors of the wholesale market and international network professions.

The audit’s result highlighted the critical professions and their primary needs in terms of skills acquisition. They were built around 3 challenges:

  • Competences for the trade at the service of the economic development
  • Competences required in the face of technological change,
  • Anticipation of skills to avoid mismatches between supply and needs induced by the transformation. 

Based on these first elements, the Sofrecom team in charge of change then proposed a co-construction approach of a roadmap to acquire and develop the skills necessary for the operator's strategic evolutions.

This work, carried out with the operational managers and the division's skills development managers, enabled the definition of an implementation plan and the prioritization of the actions necessary to take into account the impact of the company's strategic evolutions on the business lines and the adaptations of skills that this implies.

At the end of our mission, our client has:

  • A detailed knowledge of the evolutions of the wholesale sector and their impacts on business and transverse skills,
  • An action plan for the acquisition and/or development of skills for the most impacted professions,
  • A "skills & talents" group comprising members of the division's various entities.
  • A co-construction methodology (employees, managers, HR) to implement action plans for the acquisition and/or development of skills.