Customer case

Design of mobile financial services

Mon 14 Dec 2020


Our client, a telecom operator, needs Sofrecom to design a range of mobile financial services.

5 main objectives:

  • Define a distribution network deployment strategy, including definition of the commissioning plan, recruitment and training of agents,
  • Study regulatory requirements, create partnerships with banks and institutions,
  • Study and describe the need for processes to authorize M-Payment transactions from a mobile device,
  • Design the mobile money service business plan,
  • Define the operational market entry strategy.


A market study was conducted, with several steps:

  • Interviews with key stakeholders in the areas of strategy, marketing, pricing models, banks and regulators, distribution and partners, operations, care, organization and processes
  • Research of offices on best practices in mobile finance.


Thanks to our support, the customer benefited from:

  • A ready-to-use business plan for the acquisition of licenses,
  • A 3-year product roadmap,
  • A completed distribution network strategy (agent value proposition),
  • The identification of partners, opening of discussions and pre-selection with banks and distributors,
  • An organizational assessment,
  • The identification of the specific skills required for this new organization

Sofrecom was able to analyze and provide a complete roadmap for the operator's need. Discover our mobile financial services solutions.