Customer case

CSR Transformation Plan

Thu 12 May 2022

In light of societal and environmental challenges, companies are showing more commitment and must adapt their CSR policy. It is a lever for innovation, an opportunity to adapt to tomorrow's world and a lever of sustainable performance. It is in this framework that we intervened with a telecom operator who sought to conduct a transformation project aimed at juggling the work of its teams in the context of these challenges.

Launch of CSR approach

For the launch of its CSR approach, an international telecom operator has asked Sofrecom to assist them. Within this framework, a team of change management consultants and CSR experts was mobilized to meet our client's expectations.

The objective of the project is to define and establish governance and a roadmap for the CSR transformation project. This involves:

  • Defining and implementing CSR governance to ensure compliance with the guidelines, its approach and to report on the results obtained
  • Defining environmental objectives: environment and digital equality
  • Harmonizing communication between the different teams
  • Organizing and monitoring Green KPIs to measure the performance of the CSR approach and evaluate its progress. Implementing tools to improve its management.
  • Defining eco-design processes, an essential lever for reducing CO2 emissions, limiting the impact on natural resources and building a responsible digital environment.
  • Assisting in the preparation for the Afnor ISO 14001 audit.

This certification aims to improve environmental performance and contributes to the sustainable development goals. It proves the establishment of a culture of listening to interested parties and taking into account local environmental issues (pollution, etc.) and global environmental issues (biodiversity, climate change, preservation of natural resources, etc.).

Deploying a responsible business model and adopting a priority action plan for the development of CSR makes it possible to mobilize all of the company's players. It is in this sense that our client wished to structure a common approach within its various entities, to deploy its action plan while capitalizing on the various initiatives in place. Its ambition is to federate and unite its teams around a common ambition: responsible commitment, one of the pillars of its strategy for 2025.

To assist in this CSR transformation, our consultants proceeded in stages:

  • Listening to the various CSR correspondents in the entities
  • Conducting an environmental analysis in the different departments
  • Mapping of the processes impacted by the eco-design approach of products and services 
  • Identifying key indicators for monitoring the effectiveness of the action plan

A transverse mobilization around objectives and governance, clarified and shared by all

All of the requests and impact analysis carried out have made it possible to identify the various initiatives in place and the best practices to be generalized, to adapt the processes for launching products and services to introduce the eco-design method and then to support the teams in the change management necessary for the success of the project.

The various initiatives implemented have enabled the alignment of CSR objectives across all departments, and specific indicators for monitoring ambitions have been set up and CSR correspondents appointed in the various departments to ensure that the action plan is monitored over time.

To increase efficiency and eliminate sources of error, these indicators have been industrialized. The results are now shared in a monthly review between the various stakeholders. Thanks to the introduction of dialogues and working groups, exchanges have been facilitated and harmonized.

All of these elements allowed the operator to prepare for the Afnor ISO 140011 certification audit which was successfully concluded.

1 This standard specifies the requirements for the development, implementation, maintenance and evaluation of an environmental management system