Customer case

Change Management

Wed 21 Oct 2015


Our customer needed to adapt his enterprise to become durably profitable in a highly competitive market in which business models and operating modes have changed radically. Faced with stiff in-house resistance to change, the plan adopted to address the challenges raised by the new ecosystem was first to establish better dialog with the personnel in order to improve its commitment and to create new dynamism within the company.


We jointly developed an enterprise project, starting by talking to many staff members working in different activities and analyzing the company's fundamentals in depth with the Executive Board. On the basis of these fundamentals, we worked with the Board and personnel representatives to define a number of sub-projects and key actions to build the global enterprise project.


The result was a roadmap accepted at all levels of the organization. The personnel willingly mobilized themselves to conduct the defined projects which they could see were structuring for the future of their enterprise. They also accepted new collaborative working methods.