Customer case

Benchmark Green Internet Service Providers

Mon 28 Mar 2022

Within the framework of its CSR commitments, our customer, an international telecom operator, asked Sofrecom to benchmark the eco-friendly initiatives of the main international Internet access providers.

Indeed, our client is committed and has committed all its divisions in an ambitious program for the environment and digital equality and wishes to develop responsible practices to carry out its CSR policy while taking into account the specific issues of each country where it operates.

The ambition through this benchmark was to have a synthetic vision of the carbon footprint reduction path of the main digital players in the world and to have the main initiatives of the internet service providers and the way they have carried out these initiatives with their eco system.

To achieve this benchmark, Sofrecom's consultants focused on the analysis of the main product and service categories to identify the best practices of the sector.  They then identified our client's outstanding initiatives and compared them to those of its competitors. To do this:

They studied the data with the data crunching method, which consists of changing an unstructured data set into structured data. As a result, the studied content becomes more synthetic, relevant and allows to highlight the main axes to develop.

A documentary research was conducted from multiple sources: websites of the actors, calls for contributions, annual reports of the companies, or even specialized press articles and academic publications.

These various analyses and research studies were used to produce a summary with recommendations and fact sheets for each player. These listed the key elements of the Green strategy for each player studied, namely the circular economy, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Social listening also allowed us to identify the discussions on social media around these themes. The analysis of these exchanges allowed us to identify the appetite of the various targets of these actors for these topics.

This benchmark provided a complete overview of the green initiatives of the world's Internet providers, focusing on products and services. Our client was thus able to :

    Evaluate the initiatives studied in order to better define their actions, prioritize them and organize them
    Identify the top 4 best practices of the sector. These practices were then shared with its various subsidiaries.

This benchmark fed numerous exchanges between the subsidiaries in order to encourage the evolution of the product and service portfolio towards more responsible and sustainable consumption.