Customer case

5G Green RAN Consulting

Fri 13 Nov 2020


Our client, a mobile operator, was seeking a solution to rapidly increasing electricity consumption by its mobile access network, driven by growth in mobile traffic, network expansion and the rollout of 5G technology.

An operator’s mobile access network is already one of its most intensive sources of power consumption and this rising trend is set to continue with 4G densification and 5G deployment.

Our customer was faced with twin challenges:

  • Control its energy-related OPEX, an issue exacerbated by sharp energy price increases.
  • Operationalize its CSR strategy.

Our experts took part in the following missions:

  • Develop, test and validate the green RAN capabilities (including sleep modes) of a number of OEMs,
  • Work directly with suppliers to optimize system configurations
  • Define and execute the engineering and implementation strategy for widespread rollout of green RAN functionality.


Our teams’ expertise, ranging from multidisciplinary project management skills to technical expertise in mobile networks, particularly green RAN, proved essential for these missions.

At the start of the project, to ensure buy-in by our client’s own personnel, our consultants produced a support plan for the various RAN departments. The aim was to inform and persuade them of the need to include CSR considerations in RAN projects, which had previously focused exclusively on technical aspects, and to consolidate its status as a major economic issue.

Another important challenge was to prove that green RAN can be implemented without impairing QoS and the customer experience. To achieve this, our experts worked hard to develop rigorous test processes that could be very regularly monitored and shared within the decision-making engineering committee.

In addition to coordinating projects with each of the four assessed OEMs, and in the light of the tests carried out, our experts defined a strategy for rolling out green functionality and assessed the energy savings achieved by our client.

Lastly, our experts also supported the strategy team’s upskilling in the area of energy management for RANs.


Thanks to Sofrecom, our client has been able to validate and roll out its equipment’s Green RAN capabilities.

For the first time, our client has integrated energy performance criteria into its decision-making process.