Scrum Master


He/she masters Scrum (Agile development method) and makes sure that the scrums rituals are correctly applied within the project team.

He/she checks throughout the project that the team is productive and efficient, by adopting a participative management method.

His/her role is not to manage the project team, but to help it move forward, while working on the various areas for improvement.

Within his/her team, he/she must train the staff on Agile practices and organize the various «rituals» of Scrum.

Expertise and skills

  • Demonstrates humility and empathy
  • Pedagogy and diplomacy in order to ease the work of each member of the project team and ensure harmony within the group
  • Perfect mastery of Scrum
  • Very good interpersonal skills, sense of communication, adaptability, autonomy and team spirit.


With an engineer background (Bac+5), he/she masters the Agile manifesto and he/she has an at least 5 years experience of it.

He/she also has knowledge in software development.