Mobile Financial Services consultant


At Sofrecom, the mission of Mobile Financial Services (MFS) consultants is to support telecoms operators or banks in developing mobile financial services offers.

They define the development strategy, identify the value proposition, participate in the construction of MFS offers by integrating structural regulatory changes. They also support operational implementation.

Their role is to manage the project and mobilize the team to achieve the objectives and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Expertise and skills

They are experts in mobile financial services and the telecommunications sector.

Their skills are in the field of marketing, strategy and business development. They must be able to combine an operational approach with real strategic thinking whilst remaining open-minded.

Their interpersonal skills, their strong analytical and summarizing skills and their excellent ability to present facts enable them to complete consultancy missions with high-level contacts.

They understand the environment of the AMEA region (Africa - Middle East - Asia) and have a perfect command of both English and French.


Graduates from major engineering or business schools or universities, MFS expert consultants must possess experience in a telecoms, consultancy firm and/or operator(s) environment.

They must be willing to go on business trips abroad.

Their backgrounds must include experience in the successful launch of MFS services covering the Go to Market strategy, identifying and structuring partnerships with banks or implementing distribution networks.