Infrastructure Architect


He/She intervenes on client projects requesting hosting on active infrastructures.

He/she co -constructs with the application architect the technical infrastructure solution to be implemented on the server and/or storage perimeter for projects that require a non-standard or customized brick.

He/she acts either as the person in charge of the technical design of a project or as a contributor on his/her technical field to the other teams of the department.

He/she provides support to the deployment teams and the client project driver in implementing the solution in accordance with defined standards and processes.

He/She is a player in the improvement of the proposed infrastructure product catalogue.




Expertise and skills

He/she is able to collaborate with the Project Leader in the different phases of the project.

He/she adapts and has a technical curiosity because technological developments are fast and must be assimilated in order to optimize the existing one.

He/she is versatile, has a taste for technology and is creative in identifying appropriate technical solutions.

He/she can work with teams of experts but also with other departments of the company.


Graduates from a leading engineering school, he/she has at least 6 years of experience in the field of Complex Solutions Architecture, support and advice to clients.