DevOps Engineer


He/She develops the new tools/products respecting the solutions and ecosystems of the Digital Factory (Agile Methodology, Cloud Infrastructure, Continuous Integration & Deployment, SI DFY tools).

He/She participates in the software design and the implementation of technical deployment solutions.

He/She ensures the functional evolution and maintenance in operational conditions software and technical support against the obsolescence of our products.

Expertise and skills

He/she masters the software development of enterprise IT tools in the environment Cloud (Front & Back Office, Api and underlying technology).

He/she is familiar with Agile methodologies, development and deployment in the Cloud environment.

He/she has a solid knowledge of Enterprise API/WebService development.

He/she masters technologies and data transformation (SGBRD, NoSQL).

He/she tame the constraints of a company’s IS.

He/she is aware of the exploitation applications in production.

He/she is autonomous and has a technical curiosity about innovative technologies (AI, Blockchain, etc. ) because technological developments are fast and must be assimilated in order to optimize the existing one.


Graduates from a major engineering school, he/she has a minimum of 1 year’s professional experience in software development and/or system administration.