Developer Designer


His/Her mission is to analyze the project entrusted to him/her, according to the needs of the users, recorded in a specification provided by the client.

She/He studies the operating stages of the program and then designs a technical solution for the creation of a prototype.

She/He is then in charge of writing one or more parts of a program.
The developer is also in charge of preparing and updating the technical documentation.

Expertise and skills

She/He knows the different computer languages and masters one or more.

She/He knows how to translate customer requests and needs into lines of code.

To accompany the digital transformation, she/he also masters Web languages (HTML, JavaScript ...).

Customer focus, responsiveness, agility and above all creativity are important levers in terms of skills to succeed in his/her missions.


With a good general IT background, the developer designer at Sofrecom must be up-to-date on the latest innovations in programming.

She/He must have a successful experience in computer development locally or abroad.