Chief Consulting Officer


The mission of strategic marketing consultant is to support customers in analyzing growth drivers and identifying value-creating positions. They decipher market trends, innovations and the movements of stakeholders. They analyze the abilities of customers to offer new services and quantify opportunities.

Their intervention is with the marketing and strategic departments where they are responsible for providing decision-makers with new ideas.

Expertise and skills

Experts in marketing strategies, they possess great analytical and summarizing abilities which allow them to define a problem and organize discussions. They possess skills in market analysis and competitive intelligence, and have a head for numbers and modeling.

Their ability to interact with the various business lines enables them to facilitate forward-looking discussions with operational staff and decision-makers.


Consultants must have had initial experience in:

  • Financial analysis
  • Strategic analysis within marketing or innovation departments

As part of the diversification of our customers' activities, our consultants may have a variety of backgrounds (telecoms, banking, energy, etc.)

Creativity, an appetite for technology or an engineering education are advantages.