Change Management Consultant


At Sofrecom, change management consultants are responsible for the projects to transform and develop customer operator or government organizations. The projects entrusted to them may be linked to the modernization of the information system or to developments in the business lines brought about by the arrival of new technologies.

They help their customers anticipate consequences, and put forward and implement the support plans needed to guarantee their success.

They must ensure that change is understood at all levels of the company. They also ensure the involvement of those responsible for these changes. Their aim is to allow the organization to easily manage its transformation project.

Expertise and skills

Change management consultants are experts at auditing organizations.
They also know how to analyze skills, systems and processes.

They are fully competent in AGILE, co-construction and facilitation methods.
Sociological and communication skills are an advantage.

Consultants must be on the lookout for new approaches and tools concerning the application of change management.


A range of different experiences means they are able to work within a multidisciplinary team, at all levels of an organization.

There are a number of change management consultant profiles:

  • IS/Business - with experience in the deployment of tools
  • Human Resources, organizations and training
  • Project Manager (PMO)
  • Marketing, Communication & Digital