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Our values

Our manifesto

Who we are

Sofrecom is a global network of telecommunications consultants and engineers. Since 1967 we have worked in over 100 different cultures, geographies and markets around the world. We use this international experience and local know-how to provide strategic direction and manage operational change in the telecommunications industry.

What we believe

Operators can now learn more from each other than ever before. While no two cultures and markets will ever be the same - in a faster and more interconnected economy, solutions to local problems can come from anyone, anywhere in the world.

What we do

Our team of experts provides IT, Business and Network consulting, from network transformation to organisational innovation. We’ve advised over 200 different clients on strategy, systems and processes, right down to management and knowledge transfer. To make sure our clients stay at the forefront of the industry, we lead groundbreaking research into the latest technology. With 10 local offices and 1400 telecom consultants from over 30 nationalities - Sofecom is the Know-How Network for a smaller world.

Our values


From the design to the implementation of tailor-made solutions, our experts remain very attentive to the technical, geographic and cultural requirements of our customers and partners.


The flexibility and adaptability of our organization enables us to develop customized solutions for customers anywhere in the world.


We dare to think and act differently when dealing with different situations around the world. Driven by a spirit of enterprise and the desire to find solutions to tomorrow's challenges, we innovate daily alongside our customers.


As an Orange subsidiary for almost half a century, we have developed a long term strategic vision and a corporate culture based on result. Our success is due to our flexibility and reactivity backed by unrivaled technical know-how.