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TDM Mozambique: rural telecommunications development

TDM Mozambique: rural telecommunications development

By admin - May 19, 2009

This key project called Netmoz, for the economic and social development of Mozambique is financed by the European Union and overseen by the Mozambican national operator TDM, Telecomunicaçöes de Moçambique and the GON. Its purpose is to open up less prosperous regions of Mozambique by developing fixed telephone installations.

The services were initially focused on evaluating offers and negotiations with equipment suppliers. Now, Sofrecom has entered the supervisory phase of setting up the new network over the provinces of Gaza and Inhambane.

With its broad experience in rural telephony, the guarantee of technology adapted to the revenue and needs of users as well as reduced costs in investment and operations, Sofrecom is proud to actively contribute to the development of this new network.

Sofrecom has already successfully accompanied TDM with rural telephony projects for the Tete region.

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