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Sofrecom Algeria, driving your growth!

Sofrecom Algeria, driving your growth!

A reference player in Algeria's telecoms IT and networks sector, Sofrecom is now developing its business consulting services to assist the transformation of Algeria's telcos and big public and private organizations.

Interview with Abderrahmane Arfa, CEO of Sofrecom Algeria.

For how long has Sofrecom been working in Algeria? Sof Algerie Artdec13

A. Arfa: For more than 10 years. Sofrecom Algeria's first big contract was to create a new billing system, called Gaia, for the national

 telecoms operator. The system was introduced progressively in several phases and was a great success for Sofrecom and its client. Next, we assisted a mobile operator to restructure his operations and to define and apply a new strategy. We are now recognized as a top-level service provider with outstanding IT and network specialists. 

Is it an advantage to be an Orange Group company?

A. Arfa: Sofrecom is fortunate to belong to a large telecommunications group that invests very heavily in R&D and innovation. We enjoy the fruits of this effort and Orange's reputation while conducting our business quite independently. Orange is also a client for Sofrecom Group, but it represents less than half its turnover.

What are Sofrecom Algeria's ambitions?

A. Arfa: Our leitmotiv is to be the preferred partner of operators, assisting their growth and notably their foreign business ex

pansion. We are recognized as experts in IT and networks and services, but in fact our expertise is quite broad. For example, we have unrivalled know-how in prospective and business consulting: we can assist telecoms players transforming their business or moving to new activities to drive growth. Our Capacity Building offer, which aims to mobilize all the talent and energies of employees, will appeal to all organizations wishing to change their business model or apply a new strategy.

Another factor that will underpin our future business is the fast-increasing penetration of mobile and landline communication in Algeria. The potential for operators ─ and therefore for us ─ is enormous.

Part of our credibility lies in our ability to provide local, Arab-speaking experts with excellent knowledge of the North African and Middle-Eastern telecoms markets. This local staffing reassures our clients, since they know we will understand their ecosystem and their needs and that our consulting services will be priced at local rates.

What are your development prospects?

A. Arfa : The possibilities are numerous. Three cellcos ─ Djezzy, Ooredoo and Mobilis ─ now have 3G licenses and deployment is planned for December 2013. Sofrecom Algeria has the experience needed to help them define their offers, train their sales force on new technologies, supervise their network deployment and operation, and of course prepare the introduction of 4G!

We also intend to develop our consultancy services with Algerian companies and large banking and energy groups. Although we specialize in telecoms and intervene all along operators' value chains, our experience also enables us to assist other types of enterprise needing a network, a geolocation system (GIS) or a CRM program, for example.

All the people at Sofrecom Algeria are highly motivated and determined to actively participate in building Algeria's telecommunications and, more generally, the digital services that will drive the country's socio-economic development.