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France-Indonesian Business Meetings: Sofrecom shares its experience

France-Indonesian Business Meetings: Sofrecom shares its experience

With annual GDP growth averaging more than 6% in recent years, Indonesia has attracted many foreign investors, though relatively few from France.
Ubifrance, the French trade commission which helps drive the international development of French enterprises, organized in December 2012 the first France-Indonesian Business Meetings. Sofrecom participated to share its experience of the Indonesian market and publicize its contribution to the country's telecommunications. 

The Ubifrance Business Meetings held in Jakarta from 10th to 12th December attracted almost 500 representatives of small and mid-size French and Indonesian companies. The first day was dedicated to exposing the specificities of the Indonesian market to about 50 French companies; the other two days were reserved for individual meetings with local enterprises.

As a French telecoms specialist with ten years' experience in Indonesia, Sofrecom made a useful contribution during the first day of thematic seminars and sectorial round-table discussions.

It ran a round-table meeting concerning the challenges and opportunities in the Indonesian telecoms sector. This meeting was attended by personalities such as Setyanto P. Santosa, Chairman of Indonesian ICTs Society (MASTEL), Sumantri Joko Yuwono, Consumer Marketing Manager at Indosat, and Frédéric Chapelard, Managing Director of Alcatel-Lucent Indonesia.

Guillaume Touchard, a senior consultant at Sofrecom, presented a panorama of Indonesian telecoms and animated the round-table discussions.

Thierry Dubois, Manager of Sofrecom Indonesia recounted his view of the market and presented one of Sofrecom's major IT successes in the country.

As an international company already heavily involved in Indonesia, Sofrecom took this opportunity to underline its conviction of the importance of building local partnership to enrich its network of expertise and know-how.

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