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Algérie Telecom – Telcoms computerization

Algérie Telecom – Telcoms computerization

By admin - May 20, 2009

- IDT project maintenance

- AT 2005: Migration from the 5.3 release towards the Gaïa Billing & Customer Care (BCC) 5.4 release, upgrade of performance (4.5 million lines) and associated equipment

- Continuation of the data cleansing programme of the access network data

Simultaneously launched with the IDT project, this program aimed to initialize the Gaïa Information System network databases with reliable data to fulfil requests thanks to the network availability knowledge, and accelerate connection, operation and maintenance processes.

As ADSL and broadband generalization requires the management of additional parameters, Algerie Telecom placed an order with Sofrecom for an important additional equipment set and services


- to finalize its measuring equipment park

- to generalize the data cleansing to the whole network

- to guarantee databases quality thanks to checking processes

- to integrate the ADSL dimension in the bases

These contracts confirm the involvement of Sofrecom in assisting the

Telecoms development in Algeria. They concretize the success of the marketing and products strategy implemented by Sofrecom.