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webe bets on digital to launch differentiating LTE services services

Tue 21 Mar 2017

Kelvin Lee, Chief Sales Officer, webe

webe rests on Sofrecom to build its digital strategy.

As TM Group’s new Digital Mobility Services Provider and Centre of Excellence in mobility, webe aims at going beyond basic telecommunications. We put our customer experience at the forefront, and therefore have made conscious decisions to have our entire end-to-end customer experience delivered digitally online, from subscribing through our online store anytime, anywhere, to getting help from our customer service via live chat 24 hours daily. Our end goal – to make things as easy as possible for customers, and achieve the desired digital experience and lifestyle that our customers have been asking for.

At the time we entered the competitive mobile market space, webe was focused on launching our LTE mobile services that are not only attractive but also secured, for both our existing and new customers. Due to the constantly changing nature of the telecommunications industry however, we soon realized that harnessing both existing and new strengths is even more important, to ensure that webe remains as a top-of-mind brand.

Armed with innovation and digitization as key drivers, and with community at the heart of what we do as a business, webe differentiated itself from other telcos. To this end, supervised optimizing and transformation of our network was therefore crucial for webe to facilitate enhanced connectivity and promote a digital lifestyle to the nation. It was only natural therefore that partnering with Sofrecom, a world leading specialist in telecommunications consultancy and engineering, helped us strengthen our digital network capabilities in preparation for the big launch.

Sofrecom’s consultants engaged with us, reviewed our IT platforms and web designs, our internal competencies as well as our project organization for the launch to identify areas of improvement. They also made recommendations to align our services with effective best practices in the market. Sofrecom’s focused approach and strong project management skills helped us strengthen our digital capabilities and helped realize our services by the targeted deadline, helping us create a bigger impact during the launch.

Concurrently, webe also gained much from the Orange Group’s expertise in launching a 100% online brand. Sofrecom further assisted us by providing technical and business expertise, ensured effective and consistent designs for webe’s e-shop and e-care, and coached and equipped the webe team with skills required to take over and run the service after the launch. Sofrecom’s assistance and support has been instrumental in helping us turn our digital vision into a reality. Sofrecom’s partnership was instrumental in our success and enabled us to deliver on our promises to our members, in line with TM Group’s aspiration towards making “Life and Business Made Easier for a Better Malaysia”.