VIVA Kuwait has partnered with Sofrecom to achieve and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction

Wed 07 Oct 2015

Despite good Network QoS Indicators, we consider at VIVA Kuwait that the quality perceived by our customers must be permanently at the heart of our priorities. Our clients expect the best experience. This is the main reason for which VIVA Kuwait has chosen to benefit from Sofrecom’s expertise and long experience in running Network Benchmark Campaigns.

“QoS and customer experience have always been at the heart of VIVA Kuwait ’s actions. VIVA Kuwait is constantly seeking industry best practices and performs benchmarking to offer the highest levels of customer service. 

Through collaboration with Sofrecom, VIVA Kuwait has benefited from Orange Group know-how in Customer Experience Management.

The Sofrecom and VIVA Kuwait teams have worked together on several missions in 2014 and 2015, building up a strong partnership based on mutual respect and confidence, for example, running four data campaigns and one voice campaign covering more than 6000 km of drive tests and measurements on 420 static points. Sofrecom has therefore defined a benchmark methodology and developed a post treatment tool to facilitate analysis of collected voice data. It has also defined a methodology for LTE data static measurements which was in line with customer behavior. 

After the success of the voice benchmark campaign, we were confident to ask Sofrecom to additionally perform a benchmark campaign for 4G LTE data. Sofrecom’s best practices, analyses and advice keep us on our toes and focused on our customers.”

Zarrar H. Khan,
Chief Technology Officer
VIVA Kuwait

About VIVA

VIVA is the fastest-growing telecom operator in Kuwait. Launched in December 2008, VIVA makes things possible for its customers by transforming communication, information and entertainment experiences. The company has rapidly established an unrivalled position in the market through its customer-centric approach. VIVA's quest is to be the mobile brand of choice in Kuwait by being transparent, engaging, energetic and fulfilling. VIVA continues to take a considerable share of the market by offering an innovative range of best-value products, services and content propositions; a state-of-the art, nationwide network and world-class service. VIVA offers internet speeds of more than 100 Mbps, due to the implementation of the most advanced four th generation (4G LTE) network in Kuwait resulting in superior coverage, performance and reliability.

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