Customer case

Very High broadband master plan deployment support

Thu 22 Nov 2018


The 100% VHB project aims at making Orange the Very High Broadband (VHB) leader in France. Orange asked Sofrecom to support the VHB program in the zones of medium density population (ZMD) to define the program, implement it and make it fully operational.


After contributing to the definition of Orange strategy in the ZMD, our consultant piloted and delivered several tasks:

  • The design and management of the customer references database
  • The transversal coordination and handover between pre-sales, network deployment and the Public Initiative Networks (PIN) operations teams, in relation with the national teams.
  • The analysis of and contribution to the private equity investment cases
  • The anticipation, piloting and deployment of Orange strategy as an Internet Service Provider (ISP)in PIN zones: preparation of the investment committees, coordination with the sourcing committees, overall transversal coordination of all actions from the investment go to the service launch
  • The production of reports on how to deploy networks (reference data, status, etc.), as well as on the ISP activity. Our consultant paid particular attention to analyzing how activities evolved in a given geography.


This project enabled Orange to set up and optimize internal processes which made it more agile and reactive. This project fully contributes to Orange’s objective as an “operator-integrator” to maintain the highest possible network market shares and retain its ISP customers.