White paper

Unleash 5G's potential

Sun 26 Feb 2023

The symbolic threshold of one billion 5G subscribers has just been passed and 5G deployments are continuing around the world. According to the GSMA, 5G adoption in Europe will reach 44% by 2025; in the U.S. and some Asian countries, the rate is even expected to rise to around 70% by 2025.

Until now, the major operators have launched 5G in NSA, Non Stand Alone, mode to meet the continued growth of mobile traffic and capacity needs of existing 4G networks.

With the gradual transition of 5G in SA, Stand Alone, mode, new consumer and enterprise uses will develop. Connected cars, cloud gaming, augmented reality experiences, robotized factory 4.0, smart cities, ..., are some of the concrete examples that will benefit from the innovations of 5G SA.

The benefits of 5G SA are numerous: higher speeds, ultra-low latency, denser coverage, the ability to virtually slice the network according to the services offered, not to mention the improvement of energy performance which is becoming increasingly important given our environmental challenges.

The opportunities offered by 5G SA are therefore multiple for telecom operators, and we are only at the beginning of the story. Through experience sharing, analysis and position papers, our experts and trusted partners propose today a new white paper «Unleash 5G’s potential».

To download our white paper : Unleash 5G's potential


Claire Khoury

Chief Marketing, Communication & CSR Officer