Customer case

Transition to Electronic Payments for Agricultural Index Insurance

Tue 10 Nov 2020


Our client, a national insurance fund, provides its index insurance policies to farmers in rural Senegal. It collects insurance premiums from its policyholders and pays them compensation in the event of a claim. Most of these payments are currently made by check or in cash.

To enhance the security, traceability and speed of such payments, and to achieve operational savings, CNAAS wishes to implement an electronic payment system.

Our's assignment consists in formalizing our client's requirement in the form of specifications that will provide the basis for a subsequent call for tenders.

The project was carried out in three phases:

  • Scoping of the customer requirement
  • In-depth analysis of the requirement
  • Definition of a target system and production of the corresponding specifications


Sofrecom conducted its research using a three-step method.

Customer requirement scoping

  • Conduct preliminary discussions and interviews
  • Run a workshop session to define the scope of the requirement
  • Map out the required benefits
  • Draft the statement of requirements, including the project’s context, objectives, challenges and requirements

In-depth analysis of the requirement

  • Study the payment instruments used to exchange funds between stakeholders
  • Conduct a general analysis of the user experience ecosystem and user interactions with CNAAS, based on mapping customer journeys and identifying pain points in an empathetic approach
  • Analyze the existing IT capabilities and the digital maturity of project stakeholders.
  • Identify and assess opportunities for digitalization

Definition of a target system and production of the corresponding specifications

  • Identify the main payment digitalization scenarios
  • Organize a brainstorming and collaboration workshop
  • Define ideal customer journeys and a target system
  • Conduct a feasibility study
  • Produce specifications


Through this project, our customer obtained the following benefits:

  • Precise qualification of its requirements
  • Overview of payment activities and procedures
  • Concise description of user journeys and financial flows
  • User-centric view of the main pain points
  • Understanding of the main potential payment digitization models
  • Turnkey specifications