'Traffic Violations': Sofrecom Services Maroc is helping to digitalize Morocco

Fri 29 Jul 2016

In May, the Moroccan Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics launched the new mobile application dedicated to traffic violations, designed and created entirely by Sofrecom Services Morocco.

The ‘Traffic Violations’ application is fully in line with the ‘Digital Morocco’ programme, which aims to digitalize and facilitate administrative procedures and public access to data.

Fouad El ALLAMY, Director of SSM’s department for operations outside the Group and project manager, emphasised: “This mobile application is the result of close collaboration between our own and the Ministry’s teams. It is in line with the e-government programme and is part of a global project to digitalize both internal ministry procedures and external procedures for the public.”

Traffic Violations gives drivers real-time access to their points balance and any violations recorded against them. They can contact the call centre (4646) to report a violation and, more generally, can access information about highway code violations. A guide to violations is available and covers several areas: the various levels of fines and procedures for paying them, how to contest a violation or even recover points. 

It can be consulted from a smartphone or a tablet, whether connected to the Internet or not.
Users can also communicate with Morocco’s administrative services. Penalty notices can also be downloaded from the application and users are redirected to the General Treasury of the Kingdom of Morocco for payments.
It is available in Arabic and French for Android and iOS and can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play and Apple Store.
During the press conference, which was held on 2nd May this year, Mohamed Najib BOULIF, Minister of Transport, emphasised the usefulness of this application and its essential role in making drivers more responsible in terms of road safety.

Sofrecom Services Morocco also contributed to the development of mobile applications for the Orange Group and other Moroccan clients, such as:
- Nomad Subscription, which addresses the need for regulating Orange subsidiaries in the MEA* zone and identifying prepaid customers.
- Field Sales Monitoring (FSM), which coordinates the monitoring and control of Orange coaches and mobile resellers of the distribution network.

To find out more about our mobile development offers, contact:
M. Cléry TONNEAUDirector of Mobile Services and VAS

About Sofrecom in Morocco
Present in Morocco for 30 years, Sofrecom created Sofrecom Services Morocco in Rabat in 2004.
This offshore software engineering and services center relies on the high level of expertise of 180 French-speaking Moroccan colleagues, and to its proximity to Europe, to be able to respond in a flexible and reactive way to its clients’ requests: development, maintenance and evolution of information systems.
SSM is also Sofrecom’s regional hub for addressing its clients in Africa and the Middle East, where it offers technological and competitive intelligence services, network engineering and consultancy services as well as IS solution deployment.

The launch of ‘Traffic Violations’ app has been widely broadcast in the Morrocan media :

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* Middle East and Africa