The Sofrecom Academy is opening its doors in Morocco!

Fri 15 Mar 2019

Because finding a first job is not always easy, and the training-job adequacy hardly guaranteed, we have launched at Sofrecom Maroc the Sofrecom Academy, a training program exclusively intended for young Moroccan graduates seeking a first professional experience. During 8 weeks, some twenty young graduates are trained to the agile culture and to the various professions and technical environments of Sofrecom, before joining one of our customer projects.

Supported by an IT offshoring sector in full growth, the digital service companies established in Morocco host now more than 10 000 IT developers with a staff growth of about 15% per year.

At Sofrecom Maroc, we are fully involved in these growth dynamics. We have today more than 500 collaborators - and aim for 700 by 2020 - whose  large majority is made up of qualified IT developers to meet our international as much as Moroccan  customers’ needs.

Our wish is to contribute to the digital transformation in Morocco and to continue its growth by relying on the skills of our highly qualified teams based in Casablanca and in Rabat.

It is starting from this need that we thought of creating an internal training program, intended to the school leavers, which on the one hand would enable us to offer top high value-added profiles to our clients and on the other hand to keep with our commitments in favor of employability in Morocco by helping young graduates acquire their first professional experience and integrate the world of work.

Based in Casablanca, on the site of Casanearshore, Sofrecom Academy aims at:

· Improving the employability and the professional insertion of young IT graduates in Morocco

· Creating IT development training programs proper to Sofrecom and adapted to our customers’ needs

· Enhancing the training of young Moroccan graduates with additional training fitting the company’s needs.

This accelerated training program (8 weeks) covers technical, behavioral and methodological skills, and the agile culture in particular, essential at Sofrecom Maroc.  The training is conducted by a team of internal trainers of the Sofrecom group.

We developed this training in two phases:

· The Common Core where the trainees discover the agile culture at Sofrecom, familiarize themselves with the DevOPS toolbox and explore the development architecture. This common core end with the creation of an end-to-end application using the archetypes, as well as the DevOPS toolchain.

· The Parcours Peering Path: it is an immersion in Sofrecom Maroc projects where after 3 weeks of training on the basic and additional modules of an application, the trainees delve into certain features by working in pairs with seniors. At the end of that period, an operational skills assessment is performed to join one of the customers projects. A catch-up session is also planned for those who need it.

We are very attached to this project. We are indeed convinced at Sofrecom that the wealth of skills, profiles and cultural diversities contribute to making our Group a more attractive, innovative, competing, closer-to-its-customers company. We have committed for many years to the promotion of diversity, of non-discrimination and equal treatment. In Morocco, it means an active recruitment policy for youth employment and integration and gender parity. The average age of our team members is 32 years. Our teams are made up of 89% telecom and IT engineers, 42% of which are women engineers.

The Sofrecom Academy is one of the numerous initiatives we have set up for several years to approach the major engineering and management schools in Morocco and which help the students and graduates to complete their final year internships and to enter the job market today.

Our first promotion from the Sofrecom Academy started in January 2019 and is about to join the project teams. And we don’t plan on stopping now. We are already working on the recruitment of a second promotion in the coming months.

Our ambition is to keep on creating highly-skilled jobs and to actively contribute to the economic and social development of the Kingdom.