The Know-How Network in our daily work– Part 1

Thu 25 Apr 2013

Last October Sofrecom repositioned its corporate identity with a new visual style and a new baseline "The Know-How Network". This change is much more than a relooked image and an affirmation of our brand identity: it genuinely expresses the way we work every day, drawing on the vision and experience of Sofrecom's men and women. Let's discover the first Section of their testimonies.

The Know-How Network is a powerful human network that ties Sofrecom to its customers, to Orange Group experts, and to its industrial and local partners. Looking beyond our long experience of creating and transforming landline, cellular and Internet networks, our Know-How Network symbolizes the breadth and depth of our knowledge of all operator activities, embodied by our consultants and experts around the world. How? Well, they can explain it best…

Finding the right profiles

"Sofrecom's value proposal depends on its ability to cover activities all along the operator value chain. The Know-How Network is subtle mesh of dispersed expertise that we are able to mobilize to meet customer needs. This expertise is of course linked to the skills and experience of Sofrecom consultants, Orange Group experts and a number of service providers."

Régine de la Tour
Recruitment Manager – Human Resources

Knowledge sharing

"One component of the Know-How Network is our long experience of economic intelligence work. This enables us to build collaborative intelligence programs for customers. It is vital to ensure fluid circulation of information by breaking down the barriers between different activities and different teams. Value is created by sharing information, points of view and expertise. Only then can we address the challenges of knowledge management."

Diane Pakratanaporn
Senior Consultant – Collective Intelligence

Drawing on Orange's know-how

"The "Know-How Network" refers to Sofrecom's ability to capitalize on know-how within the Orange Group by working regularly with its managers and experts. Regular contacts between Orange and Sofrecom ensure that both companies are up-to-date on real projects and good practices. The result is that Sofrecom has at its disposal a very rich panel of consultants who can generate real value for customers."

Benoit Ménard
Consultant in strategy – Business Consulting

Capitalizing on our international presence

"To support our information system transformation and management activities, we make use of Orange Group skills centers and the experience and know-how of Sofrecom consultants in France and abroad. This allows us to present customers with technical and operational proposals in phase with their economic challenges."

Tristan Renault
IT Consulting Department Manager

Accessing the resources of an international group

"Since we are part of France Telecom-Orange, a top-rank international telecoms operator, our customers benefit from our network of contacts with its R&D Division (Orange Lab). This means they can be confident of getting top-line innovation proposals."

Olivier Landau
Anticipation and Strategy Deputy Manager

Covering all technical fields

"Every consultant and every manager develops his own network of contacts inside and outside the Group. These relationships are a unique source of complementary know-how that enables Sofrecom to cover all technical fields and to grasp all aspects of customers' projects. The Know-How Network makes sense only if it is shared by everyone and managed proactively and anticipatively. It then makes us much more effective in building our proposals and conducting our projects."

Olivier Mugnier
Broadband Transport and Access Manager