Sofrecom's European sustainable development week

Tue 25 Jun 2024

From June 4th to 7th, employees participated in this European event, which is in line with Sofrecom's commitments.

This event allowed for the integration of specific business challenges while strengthening cohesion around our corporate culture and values. It is also part of our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) action plan and commitments, aiming to develop a responsible and sustainable approach. Through these initiatives, we continue to build an inclusive and innovative work environment aligned with our growth and corporate social responsibility objectives.

The highlights of this week were the three workshops offered to all our employees.

The first workshop focused on Orange's eco-design approach, aiming to raise awareness among employees about reducing social and environmental impacts. Several collective actions were developed to be implemented at Sofrecom.

The second workshop presented Sofrecom's responsible procurement policy, highlighting its contribution to sustainable development through concrete actions such as the 13 commitments of the responsible procurement charter, which define supplier selection criteria including respect for human rights, worker health and safety, and environmental protection.

The final workshop aimed to capitalize on participants' ideas to improve our environmental approach, fostering a shared vision of sustainable development among our partners.

Moments of conviviality were offered at the end of the day, further strengthening cohesion while reflecting on the workshops offered!