Customer case

Supporting digital transformation

Fri 17 Sep 2021


An international operator has embarked on an internal transformation project and put in place the necessary conditions to:

  • Achieve its business growth and development ambitions,
  • Improve operational efficiency and facilitate organizational changes
  • Enable a better customer experience and satisfaction

He called upon Sofrecom to carry out a digital maturity audit.


To measure this digital maturity, our digital marketing experts used the TM Forum's Digital Maturity Model (DMM). The objective was to propose a roadmap and a target to reach in terms of digitalization.

63 people were interviewed in 9 group and individual sessions. 30 respondent profiles were defined according to division and managerial level.

The analysis conducted was structured around 3 key areas:

1/ Digitalization of the order taking process

2/ Data: implementation of a customer repository

3/ Digital organization and governance


This digital maturity audit identified areas for improvement in terms of digital strategy with a list of recommendations and actions to:

  • Reduce manual tasks to reduce the risk of making errors
  • Have an industrialized catalog to facilitate sales
  • Build a complete and detailed vision of customers / suppliers / resellers and have a customer model that integrates all the information needed by the business.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities. An adjustment of the roles was thus proposed.